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WEEZY | Metal Cone Pipe

WEEZY | Metal Cone Pipe

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Prepare yourself for the Weezy, a brand new smoking method that is rapidly gaining attention. Now obsolete are the days of manually rolling joints and spreading the herbs. Your favorite herbs can be consumed with surprising ease using this lightweight smoking pipe. 

The device is packaged in an airtight, odor-proof storage container that opens by simultaneously pressing the top of the container on both sides. Due to the changeable active carbon filter that is positioned in the mouthpiece, the Weezy provides a simpler and cleaner smoking experience. For a cleaner, smoother, and sweeter smoking experience, it removes the majority of tar, ash, and other undesired components from the smoke.

The Weezy is the first cone-shaped one-hitter pipe that utilizes the innovative Jack-Pod pod technology. The Jack-Pods are tiny, recyclable, reusable pods that can hold up to 0.2 grams of your preferred herbs.

To use, unscrew the Weezy's top to reveal the Jack-Pod. Before screwing your filled Jack-Pod back into the pipe, unscrew it and fill it. All that's left to do is to turn on the device after you've put it back together. Turn your Jack-Pod over for a couple more hits after two or three tokes! The Weezy is a whole new smoking experience, just without tobacco.


  • Length: 102.5mm
  • Max Diameter: 15.7mm
  • Minimum Diameter: 7mm
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